Before you get started, you should request a license from AtScale if you don't already have one.

Start the launching process from the AWS marketplace by searching for the AtScale Intelligence Platform in the search bar.

Select the AtScale Intelligence Platform link and the the result offer page is displayed. Click on the Continue to Subscribe button.

When subscribing for the first time, you must accept the terms and conditions by selecting the Accept Terms button.

The following Thank you for subscribing message will be display. Click Continue to Configuration to review, modify and launch your AtScale EC2 instance.

AWS Marketplace Configuration Settings

Choose a Fulfillment Option, verify and always select the latest Version available from the pull down and then select the Region by expanding the list. The Region selected will determine the subsequent list of parameters. Click on Continue to Launch.

The Launch page is then displayed summering the Configuration Details selected from the previous screen.

If you are an experienced AWS Marketplace user you may choose to launch from the EC2 console otherwise we strongly suggest to select the Launch from Website option.

Then select an EC2 Instance Type of your choice from the drop down.

Then select your VPC settings and if you’re not sure, click on the Create a VPC in EC2 link to view the existing VPC definitions. Repeat the same process for the Subnet Settings.

Next select an existing Security Group from the pull down otherwise click on Create New Based On Seller Settings link.

Finally choose an existing EC2 Key Pair to securely access your instance and then launch the instance by selecting the Launch button. The page will be updated with a similar congratulatory message.

Connect to the AtScale Instance

The host name or IP address can be found in the EC2 Management Console in Services -> EC2 -> Instances and by filtering using tag and attributes or keywords. Alternatively, sort in descending order the instances by Launch Time to find the most recent Instance ID.

Once the Amazon EC2 Instance is started, use a web browser to connect to your AtScale instance.

If your organization is setup with a private VPC, the URL for the AtScale instance is:

  • http://<Private DNS>:10500

Otherwise, use the Public DNS

  • http://<Public DNS>:10500
  • The AtScale login screen is displayed.

When starting a new instance the default username is admin and the default password is the instance ID. Use the Copy to clipboard for the password to minimize errors when copying and pasting the password.